Architectural Models

Our gallery speaks for itself and boasts the most extensive and comprehensive private collection of images available online.

Laser Cutting Service

Over 20 years of cutting most plastics, timber, composite boards, card, paper and so much more.
Large stock of material held.
Up to a maximum thickness of 20mm.
Up to a maximum sheet size of 1800mm x 1250mm.
Charges are based on the running time of the machine most suited to the requirements of the project.
Minimum charge of £15.
No hidden set up costs.
Competitive rates (max. £1 per minute).
20% student discount.

Presentation Covers

Our custom sized museum grade, mitre-edged clear acrylic covers have crystal clear joints.

Display Plinths and Stands

We produce display plinths for any purpose.
From acrylic clad, flat pack, quick assembly steel frame structures and beyond...

Flight and Packing Cases

Lightweight foam board carry cases.
Polystyrene lined timber shipping crates.
Foam lined rigid astroboard cases.
High density foam lined aluminium clad flight boxes.
With a range of carry handles, forklift bungs/batons, locking butterfly clasps etc

3D Printing

SLA, SLS and multi-colour powder printing capabilities.

Lighting and Illumination

Battery powered single light source through to tablet controlled and fully interactive apartment finder systems with RGB lighting.

Logistics and Installation

We offer a fully insured local installation service and can undertake global delivery.

Cleaning and Repairs

We can restore and revive an existing architectural model.


Our diverse skill set allows us to offer much more than the production of architectural models.
Take a look at the gallery specific to our bespoke creations.